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‘This Is A Life Worth Living’: ‘I’m Not Afraid of Being The Worst’

A man whose parents lost their lives in a plane crash and who has been forced to move to a different city each time he wants to visit said he has been “overcome with emotion” in recent weeks.

Dennis W. Kuczmarski, 59, moved to the city in late March, just days after he had the news that his parents, Bill and Nancy Wiles, had died.

He said he was “angry, but not scared.”

He said he now sees his new life as the “perfect place” for him to live, adding that he has enjoyed every moment.

“I’m not a terrorist.

I’m not someone who wants to kill people.

I’ve never been that kind of person,” Kucs said.

The couple died when the plane crashed in the mountains of southern Colorado, killing all 44 aboard.

Bill and Nancy lived in a small town near Fort Collins, Colo., but Dennis’ parents, Dennis W. and Elizabeth Wiles were from a large family, said Bill Wiles.

Denny and Marilyn Wiles also moved to Colorado in late February.

Their son, Dennis Jr., lives in the Denver suburb of Aurora, where he is enrolled in high school.

“I have the utmost respect for the sacrifices that my parents made, for the families that lost loved ones, and for their faith, their faith and their faithfulness,” he said.DENNIS WILES (Denny Wiles): I’m still alive.

I have a lot of energy.

I feel like my body is strong.

I haven’t cried in two years.

My heart’s beating like crazy.

Denny said he is now a “great” father and has been able to visit his family for the first time in a year.

He said the experience has been a relief for him and for his parents’ friends, many of whom had been on the flight.DENNY WILSEES (Elizabeth Wiles: “They were a very nice family”: “They loved each other so much and I’ve had the privilege of seeing them.”): “They weren’t the most religious people, but they were very spiritual and they just wanted to be happy and be able to have a good life.”

And then you know, you realize that’s not possible if you’re on a plane and you’re alone in the cabin.

“We just wanted a good time.”DENNIE WILS: We have been fortunate enough to have these memories and have been able … to be together and not have to worry about any of this.DILLON WILSSON (Dennis Sr.): I can’t believe it.

It’s like I’m a different person.

It really is.

I was so happy when I got back home, just happy for my family and for my friends.

“The family, which was from Denver, said they never wanted their sons to be a terrorist and that their son has no hatred toward anyone.

DENNIS’S KURTS (DENNISE’S S ADULT: “We love the people we love.

We’re just happy to be here: We love our country and our friends.”): That’s true.

Dina, my father was a police officer.

He was the only police officer in our entire family.

He died in 2008.

He loved this country.

Denna is a very loyal woman.

She is very nice to me.

She’s just such a good person.

She loves me.

I can see that in her eyes.

I love her very much.

And I just can’t wait to see her next birthday.

DINA WILSON: I’m going to take her to her church.

She will be so happy to see me and we’ll celebrate it.

I can’t imagine being apart from my family, Denna said.

I don’t know what to expect.DANA WILSTERS: It was a huge shock.

I didn’t know anything about the plane crash until I got home.

I had to wait until my son came home.

He told me about it on the phone.

I never expected it.

He’s going to miss it a lot.

It was one of the biggest shock of my life.

DANA WILLES: My son is going to be proud of me for being a good mother and for being able to be there for him.

He knows I’m proud of him.DANNY WILLS: I know he will miss me and the rest of my family.

But I’m really going to cherish every moment that I have with my family in Aurora.

DANNY: I can be with my son at any time, anytime, anywhere.

DINDA WILSHON (Marilyn: “He’s going through the motions: He’s doing nothing.

He doesn’t even know he’s not a superhero.”): I know we’ll get through it.

We have to. I

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