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Ads Online Real estate ‘You’re gonna have to pay’: Hoosier resident gets $4,000 to pay for cellphone ads

‘You’re gonna have to pay’: Hoosier resident gets $4,000 to pay for cellphone ads

A couple of years ago, the couple moved to a new town and found a new job.

The new employer offered them a phone number, and they began using it regularly.

But when one day a friend of the couple suggested that they check out the local cable company to see if they could use their phone for free to make phone calls.

The company agreed to let them use their new phone number to make free calls.

The couple says they soon discovered that this practice was illegal.

They tried contacting the company, but they couldn’t get a hold of a representative.

So they went to the FCC.

“We went back to our original question, ‘If this company is going to be allowing us to do this, what can we do about it?'” said the couple, who asked that their last name not be used.

“And they said they were not allowed to do it.

That they had to be a licensed wireless carrier, or have a certain level of regulatory oversight.”

So the couple decided to get legal help from the Federal Communications Commission.

The agency is looking into whether this practice is illegal.

“I’ve never heard of anyone getting $4 million to pay $1 million for a phone call,” said FCC commissioner Tom Wheeler, who’s also a Democrat.

Wheeler said the agency would like to get in touch with companies like Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, which have all been found to be violating this rule.

“It’s important to understand that if these companies were to stop doing this, it would actually hurt consumers and businesses that are doing the same thing,” Wheeler said.

“So we’ve been working with these companies to find a way to have some kind of oversight.

We’re working with our partners on a variety of fronts to try to find out what the rules are.”

For example, Wheeler said the FCC is considering what kinds of rules wireless carriers need to follow to make sure their customers get paid when they call them.

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