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How to make music for your kids with a little help from an online subscription service

Posted by CNN on Thursday, January 29, 2018 10:53:22 A new music subscription service is giving parents the tools they need to make sure their kids have access to their favorite music.

The service called TuneIn Music is available on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

The company, founded by singer-songwriter and musician Josh Groban, says it’s the first subscription service to offer streaming and download music for kids.

Groban says TuneIn is the “perfect solution for parents who want to listen to their kids without spending a dime,” but also for parents wanting to keep their kids connected online.

TuneIn lets parents pick a music subscription package that will let them play a curated collection of music that they like, download music on demand, watch music videos and access exclusive content.

It will also let parents set a time-limited listening time that’s different from their kids’ daily routine.

For now, Groban is only providing the service to his family and friends.

But the service could soon be extended to other parents, he says.

TunesIn is currently available on Apple’s iTunes Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Band, which is also available on Android and Windows devices.

It is available for a few other major streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

For those who want access to all of these services, Grobans app will let you set up a recurring monthly payment.

TuningIn is a subscription service, meaning Grobancs parents can only purchase music for their kids.

The subscription is available only on Apple devices, Google and Microsoft platforms.

It’s available on Google Play for iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

The service is currently in beta.

Grobann says his family has been downloading music since they were kids and they plan to continue doing so.TUNEIN offers parents the ability to add up to 25 songs to their library and watch them all on demand.

Groban says it also has music recommendations based on songs, genres and more.

TunedIn offers parents a free three-month trial and Grobany says they are considering charging parents a fee for more music.

But Groban tells CNN the pricing is up to the parent.

Titled the TuneIn Concerts App, the app lets parents create and customize a playlist that will be used in the TuneIns music streaming and downloads.

The app will offer music by artists such as Rihanna, Lorde, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Adele, Adnan Khashoggi and many others.

Grogan says he hopes the app will help parents share tunes with their kids who have limited listening time.

Tuners will also be able to buy tickets for upcoming concerts, such as the Grammy Awards, the Grammys and the Super Bowl.

Tuner music can be accessed through TuneIn’s subscription service.

T TuneIn offers an array of music genres and tracks.

For instance, a band named Lady Gaga, featuring Taylor Swift, has been downloaded more than 5.5 million times on TuneIn.

Tutin offers an unlimited number of streaming, download and listening options, according to Groban.

Grobany has shared music in the past on Twitter, including an album titled Lady Gaga: Tribute to a Hero.

The album was released in 2017.

It’s available for purchase for $9.99 on iTunes and Music, which has been available for download on the App Store since January 21, 2018, will be available for $6.99 through Apple’s App Store and $9 per month through Google Play in the U.S. and Canada.

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