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How to create an ad free widget and use it in a free app

Adfree is the newest social media trend in India and it has brought ad free views, but how do you do it?

Read moreAdfree is an app that allows users to embed advertisements, such as in an ad, into their videos.

The ad free view is a way for people to monetise their videos without having to pay a subscription fee.

Here’s how you can create an Adfree widget in a FREE app and embed it in your videos to get some free views.

Adfree can be used in a few different ways, so we will cover them here.

First, you can install Adfree as an extension on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This will give you a few options for embedding your ad-free content.

For example, you could use it as a widget to display an ad-supported message or to display a banner that loads the video on a page.

You can also use Adfree in a video player on your computer, where the user can interact with the ad free version of your app.

You can also share Adfree content through the social media platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites.

To share Ad free content, click on the embed icon on the top right of your screen.

You need to provide the exact URL of your Adfree video, in case the video is shared through social media.

Adfree will then embed the URL, in this case,

The URL is a regular URL like

You also need to enter the correct ad-blocker settings, such the one found on YouTube.

For videos that don’t have an embedded ad, you will need to add a custom link to your ad free video.

For Adfree videos that do have an ad embedded, you should use the ad-slider to insert the ad into your video.

For example, in a YouTube video, you would place a video title with the embed button at the top of the page and insert the Adfree embed code in the video description box.

Then, on the page where the video plays, click the link and enter the Ad free code.

The embed code is then displayed in the description box, where you can click to play the video.

Once you have your embed code, the video should load smoothly without any ad interruptions.

Ads are optional and may be disabled for some users.

But it is not necessary to disable them for most users.

You need to make sure that you can’t disable the Ads in Adfree.

Ad free widgets and apps offer a number of other benefits.

For instance, the Ad Free widget automatically updates the social sharing buttons in your video as the videos views increase.

And Ad Free is available for any device with an Android or iOS device.

Ad Free also allows you to set up a new account, which will allow you to embed your Ad free video in a Facebook-owned or Google-owned app.

For more details, click here.

Ad free apps offer free views in videos and can be monetised on the ad platform through social sharing.

AdFree is free to use and it does not require an ad.

However, you must ensure that you follow the terms of use to use Ad Free.

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