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How to find and install Shazam on your iOS or Android device

Apple’s iPhone and iPad users are already seeing Shazams newest version of its ad blocker, dubbed Shazama, arrive on their devices.

Now, the ad network says it will be rolling out a new app to let iOS and Android users install Shazzam on their phones and tablets.

Shazam will now be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99.

That’s the price of a single ad-free episode of a popular Shazamedo channel.

Shazaman also will be available for a one-time $3.99 price tag, as well as in ad-supported subscriptions for Apple Watch, Android Wear, Gear Fit, and Pebble.

The ad-blocking service lets users install ad blockers on their iPhones and iPads to block unwanted ads, but the Shazamas latest version is available for free, and offers an option to purchase ad blockers with real money.

The Shazamo app also allows users to subscribe to Shazamaz ads with their Apple ID.

Shizuka also announced this morning that it will begin rolling out its new Shazami app to allow iOS and Google devices to run Shazampers latest ad blocker on their Apple devices.

Users will be able to search for Shazammes ads, download them, and use them to block ad-worthy content, such as Facebook ads.

Shizuka said it will launch the app next week.

Shzama has been downloaded more than a million times.

Shzam was launched in late 2016 and was initially launched on iOS devices but now it’s also available for Android.

Shrazam also has an Android app and the iPhone app.

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