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Why is free Facebook ads on the way?

RTE article Free Facebook ads are set to be rolled out across the country, with the Indian government setting out its plans to launch the social media giant’s ad network on Tuesday.

The country has already been home to several social media giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter, but now Facebook is set to become the country’s first major online platform to offer adverts.

The Indian government will be rolling out the first-of-its-kind ad platform on Tuesday, and it will also roll out a number of other online platforms including Flipkart and Flipkint.

The launch of the Facebook ad platform, which is the first in India to offer free ads for Facebook users, comes as a big boost to the countrys biggest online platform Flipkarts market share.

According to the company, the platform will be used to deliver adverts on various types of topics and platforms, which will be able to target users on various platforms, including mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

The platform will also offer various tools to help users with various needs and interests, including search, location, privacy and payment solutions.

Flipkart’s ad-free model was launched last year and the company had announced that it had started to roll out the platform to users in December.

In November last year, Flipkartz announced that its ad-supported platform would become free for its users, but that it was only able to deliver ads to users who were registered on the platform.

The company said that it has been working with the government to roll this out, and will roll out adverts to the users in the coming days.

Flippe users can use the ad-like platform to get information on their business, including the availability of products and services and the availability and price of certain goods and services, according to the site.

The ad-less platform will not offer any data collection, and its users will not have access to Facebook’s proprietary cookies.

However, users will still be able use the platform if they have the right settings.

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