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Advertisers say they’ll remove ads from the Free Press

A number of major media outlets are considering whether to remove ads and other promotional material from the free newspaper the Free Republic, the organization’s co-founder and publisher, Chris Ruddy, announced Thursday.

The Free Press, which was founded by Ruddy and the journalist and radio host Glenn Beck in 2006, has been under attack from the Trump administration, which has sued to keep it out of the media ecosystem, and a wide range of conservative organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Action for America.

Ruddy told The Associated Press that he has been inundated with messages from conservative and pro-Trump groups who have said that the Free Prnt has been damaging to their businesses and that it should be removed from the platform.

The announcement comes after the Free Times, which launched in 2012, announced it was removing ads and some other promotional content from the paper.

The decision comes after several media outlets and conservative groups, including American Family Association, the Family Research Council and the FreedomWorks, announced that they will remove ads in the Free Print.

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