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How to turn your laptop into an anime computer

A laptop computer is a good investment, but it’s not the only computer you can use as an anime machine.

We’ve put together a handy guide to turn it into an awesome computer to watch anime.

1:45 How to convert your computer into an Anime Computer How to Convert Your Computer Into an Anime PC Here are some of the basic steps you’ll need to follow if you want to convert an old desktop computer into a computer you could play anime on.

Download our free guide to turning your old laptop into a laptop you could watch anime on Free up your computer space to create a new gaming machine using free software like Kodi Download a copy of Kodi to use with your computer to run an anime server, like AniDB, AnimeManga or Crunchyroll Free up space to convert old computers into a new computer you might be interested in Free up storage space to install a new graphics card (this will also make your old computer look a lot better) Free up memory to install additional graphics cards (this also helps with the CPU) If you want a new machine, you’ll want to get a good one for your budget.

Find out which gaming laptops are best for you Free up time by learning how to use a desktop computer for gaming or learning how a computer can be used for other things like watching anime.

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