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How to get a better email deal?

A free ad-free ad-blocker could make your browsing experience better, but it’s a bit of a hassle to set up.

We’ve put together a guide for those that want to get the best deal.


Check your ad blocker’s settings page How can I check which ad-blocking plugins I can use?

If you’re looking for a free plugin that won’t get in the way of your web browsing, the Adblock Plus settings page is a good place to start.

It’s a simple list of options, such as whether to block ads or not, which ad networks you’re allowed to use, and how much bandwidth you can use per page.

This information is also handy if you want to opt out of an ad blocker, or don’t want to have to switch between blocking and not blocking ad networks every time you visit.

You can also check the ad blocking plugins list on the AdBlock Plus settings screen.


Check which ad blockers are compatible with AdBlockPlus settings page What is a ‘compatible ad blocker’?

AdBlock Plus will try to find and install any ad-blocks that are compatible for AdBlock.

If a plugin is listed as compatible, AdBlock will try and install that plugin as well.

If AdBlock is unable to install a plugin, it will automatically uninstall it, so it won’t block any adverts that are blocked.


Check if the Ad Block Plus settings checker is compatible with the AdBlocks plugin version The AdBlock plugin version number on the settings page will help you check whether your ad blocker is compatible.

If it is, Ad Block will install the plugin and the Ad Blocks settings check will work as expected.

However, if you can’t install the Adblocks plugin version, you may need to manually install it first.


Check to see if you have any AdBlock blocking extensions installed How do I check if Ad Block is compatible?

AdBlock has some extensions that you can install that add support for Ad Block.

These extensions can be installed in AdBlock’s Settings.

Click the Add a plugin button in the AdBlocking section of AdBlock, and you’ll see a list of available extensions.

Click on the option that matches the Ad blocker you are currently using.

Once you install the extension, Adblock will detect it and install it automatically.

You may also want to check whether any Ad Block extensions are installed on your computer.

Some Ad Block extension are compatible, but you may have to uninstall Ad Block first.


Check whether any of the Ad blocking extensions you installed are compatible.

Do they block any ads?

If the Adblocking extensions you are using are compatible and block any Advertisements, you’ll get an error message when AdBlock detects they’re blocking ads.

AdBlock won’t automatically install them if you haven’t manually installed them, but they can still block some ads.

If you can, uninstall AdBlock first.


Check the Ad block status on AdBlock Settings page The Adblock settings page provides you with a detailed view of Ad Block settings, and lets you see whether or not you are having problems.

Clicking on the ‘Settings’ link at the top of the page will take you to a page that displays your AdBlock settings.

Click ‘Check settings’ to see which AdBlock plugins you can block.


Check AdBlock compatibility with the plugin you installed.

If your Adblock is currently compatible with a plugin and AdBlock can’t detect it, it may be blocking other Ad Block features too.

If that’s the case, click the ‘Check AdBlock Compatibility’ button at the bottom of the Settings page.


Check for Adblock incompatibility with Ad Block’s ‘Check for Adblocks’ checker.

This can sometimes be an issue.

If the plugin is currently blocking ads, it might be blocking some other features too, so you’ll need to uninstall it first before you install Ad Block again.


Check with the extension provider you’re using to check for Ad Blocks compatibility.

You’ll also want the extension’s version number.

If both AdBlock and Ad Block have installed an Ad Block plugin that’s incompatible with Adblock, you can either uninstall Adblock and then install AdBlock again, or switch to AdBlock with a different plugin.

This may be a little tricky to do, but hopefully it’s not too difficult.


Check that you’re on the right AdBlock compatible Ad Block Plugin page AdBlock should be compatible with most AdBlock-enabled plugins, but if you don’t see AdBlock on the plugin version list, it’s probably blocking Ad Block itself.

You might need to use AdBlock for a while and then switch to another plugin if you’re still having problems with Ad Blocks plugin.


Check any Ad blocking extension compatibility settings for AdBlocks compatibility If the extension you are blocking is compatible and you can still get Ad Blocks to block Adverts, then you’ll have no

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