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How to get more done with ads in the Chrome browser

We all know how hard it is to get everything done.

But there’s a simple solution to getting more done without sacrificing quality.

It’s called “billing” and it’s basically the magic formula of what’s known as a “tweaked” ad.

As a refresher, a tweak is basically a different way of presenting an ad, but without changing the basic format or functionality.

There are two kinds of tweaks: ones that just change the text on the ad, and ones that alter the ad itself.

We’ll get into the former a bit later.

To get the best results with a tweaked ad, we need to be aware of the difference between these two types of ad and know how to avoid them.

How do I avoid a tweaked version of an ad?

One of the biggest pitfalls is trying to make changes to an ad that are both not really changes at all.

For example, you might tweak an ad by changing the title and description but the ad still shows you the same thing.

Another common mistake is modifying an ad to include an embedded code snippet.

This is where an embedded JavaScript snippet lets the ad show up at a different position.

For a more complex tweak, you can add the code to a page in your site’s JavaScript Editor.

For more info, read How to edit the JavaScript code in the browser.

In Chrome, this is as simple as clicking the gear icon on the top left corner of the browser, and selecting Tools > Extensions.

To open the Extensions menu, click Extensions and then the Tools menu.

In the Extensions list, click the Tools icon.

Select the Extensions tab and click the New tab button to add the extension to the Extensions page.

Click OK to close the window.

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