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Ads Online Automobiles Dubizzle has launched the first free NHL ad in Thailand for Dubizzle users

Dubizzle has launched the first free NHL ad in Thailand for Dubizzle users

NHL, the online sports video and live streaming platform, has launched Dubizzle’s first free ad in the country, giving fans access to the NHL’s free streaming service.

Dubizzle launched the ad on its Facebook page, giving the impression it was from the NHL.

The ad has since been removed, but users can still view the ad and read the disclaimer.

Dubstep, which has more than 1.5 million subscribers in Thailand, had not commented on the ad, but it is expected to launch another ad in future, NHL said in a statement.

Dubizzle is the first NHL video streaming service to allow users to stream their own videos, which can be played on the Dubstep app or via the DubsYouTube channel.

The company said it has already partnered with local television networks to air Dubstep videos, including the Thai version of the Los Angeles Kings.

The NHL has been looking to expand its reach outside of the U.S. and Southeast Asia.

Last month, it announced plans to bring a full-season broadcast of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs to South Korea.

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