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How to fix your computer virus without going through a malware scanner

You don’t need to go through a costly, time-consuming, and expensive antivirus software installation to keep your computer safe from malware, and that’s because most malware infections are quickly detected by the antivirus tools you’re using.

So why bother?

According to the latest research from Symantec, the majority of malware infections aren’t that malicious.

What you need to do is install the software without any kind of security precautions. 

Symantec researchers recently announced a new research study on the effectiveness of the Windows Defender software suite in stopping malware infections. 

Read more about Microsoft’s antivirus suite. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic steps you should take to keep yourself and your computer from becoming infected with malware.

We’ll show you how to download the free version of Microsoft Windows Defender and how to enable the free protection on the computer you want to protect.

The Windows Defender free download will be the first thing you will install on your computer, and once installed, you can activate the free trial for Windows Defender on the next step.

To start, open the Windows settings. 

Under the “Advanced” menu, click on the “Security & Privacy” tab. 

Click on the Advanced tab.

Under “More Settings” click on “Advanced Settings” Then click on the “Advanced Settings tab. 

Now, click “Next”. 

Now click “Continue”. 

You should now be asked if you want Windows Defender to automatically install on the system, or you can choose to enable it on a per-computer basis. 

On the next page, click the “Next” button to complete the installation. 

The next time you run the system scan, you’ll notice that the free versions of Windows Defender will be installed automatically. 

You can also disable the free system scan by selecting “Skip” at the top of the “Scanning” section. 

Next, open a command prompt and type the following command in the command prompt window:  cmd.exe /b /i:\\%SystemRoot%\System32\\protection.exe You may get the message that it says “Security and Privacy” is not set to “Run as administrator”.

Click yes. 

Your computer will now be protected by the free Windows Defender. 

To uninstall the free security scanner, type the command in this command in a command shell:

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