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Free Dog and Cat Ads on Ebook! (Free!)

You may have noticed that a lot of publishers have started selling their ebooks in ebook form, and the big question is what happens to your book?

Is it free or is it just a regular book?

Or both? 

For me, I’m in the latter camp, so I’ll give you a list of what to expect as soon as the publisher decides to make this transition. 

In the meantime, you can purchase a copy of your book and read it with the free Kindle ebook reader, or you can buy a regular copy and read the ebook online. 

Amazon’s new ebook service will also include a variety of ebooks that can be purchased for the cost of a regular ebook. 

For example, I purchased the ebooks I Am the Sea, The Good Man and the Beautiful, and The Girl Who Loved You from Book Riot for $4.99 and $7.99, respectively, and both of them are available for free. 

This will be my go-to for all my ebooks, so if I ever need to get some freebies, this is my way to do it. 

 For more info on the Kindle ebook readers, see our eBook review. 

You may also be interested in these books: Free Cats! 

The Man Who Wasn’t There by Carolyn O’Brien (Hachette) The Last Man on Earth by Stephen King (Simon & Schuster) Free Dogs! 

By Astrid Lindgren (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) What’s a Book Riot? 

By Amy Rolfe (Humblebrag) Fucking Awesome! 

(Amazon) How to Be Free with Google Books: The Ultimate Guide By Lisa Marie Presley (Amazon)

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