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Free Dog and Cat Ads on Ebook! (Free!)

You may have noticed that a lot of publishers have started selling their ebooks in ebook form, and the big question is what happens to your book?

Is it free or is it just a regular book?

Or both? 

For me, I’m in the latter camp, so I’ll give you a list of what to expect as soon as the publisher decides to make this transition. 

In the meantime, you can purchase a copy of your book and read it with the free Kindle ebook reader, or you can buy a regular copy and read the ebook online. 

Amazon’s new ebook service will also include a variety of ebooks that can be purchased for the cost of a regular ebook. 

For example, I purchased the ebooks I Am the Sea, The Good Man and the Beautiful, and The Girl Who Loved You from Book Riot for $4.99 and $7.99, respectively, and both of them are available for free. 

This will be my go-to for all my ebooks, so if I ever need to get some freebies, this is my way to do it. 

 For more info on the Kindle ebook readers, see our eBook review. 

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