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Which Australian TV shows are your favourite?

The latest episode of the hit Australian soap opera The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been watched more than 6 million times on Foxtel and is one of the top five shows in Australia’s most-watched local TV market.

The season 3 finale, “Loyalty”, was the most-played episode on FoX, the streaming platform that is owned by Foxtele Media, and also saw more than 1.2 million Australians watch it online.

The Real Housewife of Melbourne, a soap opera about an Australian family, is watched more on Fox than any other local TV show, according to the Foxtels own data.

Photo: Getty Images.

The RealHousewives of Victoria, on FoTV, is also one of Australia’s top local TV shows.

The show has attracted more than 10 million viewers since it was first broadcast in November 2016.

Despite the popularity of the soap opera, The Real Houses most popular show is Family Matters, which is the most watched Australian TV show on FoXTel.

It is also the second most-popular Australian TV program after The Realwives of Sydney, according a report by Nielsen.

It has seen a total of 2.9 million viewers over the last three months.

Foxtel has said it has taken a “hard look” at the ratings data it provides for the shows most-sought-after local TV program and is looking at ways to improve its programming and improve local viewing.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Matt Smith, said the ratings numbers were the result of a “very rigorous process” which included “a detailed assessment of our programming strategy and audience engagement”.

He said the company “takes all of our local programming seriously and we are committed to delivering more quality programming in the future”.

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