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A couple of weeks ago, the Australian Advertising Standards Authority (AASA) published a draft guidance for the industry, which is expected to be published in April.

As the AASA has recently been criticized for its handling of advertising and content regulation, the guidelines will be of particular interest to those interested in promoting an open internet and free speech.

As with all new regulatory measures, it will be up to consumers to decide how they will use these new regulations, but a few of the changes are promising for both users and advertisers.

The most important changes to the Australian ad code are:The first of these is that it now says that the free adult ads in Australia must be of “non-commercial nature” and must not be used to promote a commercial product.

The second change is that, in the future, the standard will be to only allow for the use of ads on sites that offer “relevant and useful content” and, in this case, only for “non commercial advertising”.

This would mean that a site that promotes the “promotion of sexually explicit or harmful material” or “harmful images” would be out of luck.

The final change is the introduction of a “safe harbor” provision that allows a site to continue to accept free adult advertising without having to be licensed.

This means that any site that does not require a licence from the ABS can continue to offer free adult advertisements.

The AASAP’s draft guidance also provides some guidance for what to do if your site has an ad code that says that it’s for “relevant adult content” but that it doesn’t allow for adult content on the site.

In that case, you will have to go through the AISA and find out whether the site has a licence to sell ads.AASAP director of communications, Catherine Trombley, said that these changes are a good start, but that more can be done to encourage open communication.

“In our opinion, the most important thing to do is to encourage consumers to think about where their ads are coming from and to use the best possible ad code,” she said.

“We’re very pleased that the ATS has made this significant change to the advertising code in Australia and will be keeping an eye on this issue.”

She added that the guidelines have been published in consultation with the Australian Consumer Law, which has also been supportive.

“The advice is quite clear, as the ALCA has been very clear in its position,” she added.

“They think that this is the right thing to say and that it would be very difficult to go back to the old way of regulating advertising if this was the way it was.”

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