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Ads Online Services GOP frontrunner Donald Trump says GOP can win with Hispanic voters

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump says GOP can win with Hispanic voters

Donald Trump said Thursday that the GOP can defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with Hispanic and African-American voters.

The Republican front-runner made the remarks during an appearance at a Latino Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

The GOP presidential nominee said that he would have won the Hispanic vote if not for a Democratic Party that is now controlled by the Clintons and a Democratic Congress that is led by President Obama.

The businessman said the GOP could win with Latinos if they just make the party more inclusive and don’t focus so much on “gotcha” issues like immigration and crime.

“When we go to the polls, we will win with Hispanics,” Trump said.

“We will win if we do that.”

Trump said that if Democrats are not going to be inclusive then Republicans are going to win.

“We are going get our ass kicked in the polls if they are not.

And they are going not to be going to the polling places because we have got to get out and get people to vote.

And we are going win,” Trump added.”

And if they want to run for office, they are all going to get elected,” Trump continued.

“I am going to do everything I can to make sure that everybody is running and voting.

And I am going the right way.

I am not going the wrong way.”

Trump did not mention Clinton by name during his remarks, but he was referring to a report in Politico that said the Democratic Party will be forced to “drain the swamp” in the Democratic primary if Clinton is elected.

He also suggested that if Clinton was elected, Republicans could win the Latino vote.

“It is not a question of who is going to vote Democrat or Republican.

It is a question about who is not going [to vote],” Trump said in the remarks.”

I would bet you there are more Hispanics in the country that are Democrats than Republicans,” Trump claimed.”

You have to be kidding me,” Trump told the audience.

Trump said he does not want to “waste my time” talking about immigration issues because it is an issue that has been covered by the media and is not really a major part of the Republican Party.

“That’s a real issue,” Trump argued.

“And we have to focus on that issue.

And that is what we are doing.”

He also told the crowd that he does have some immigration policies in place, such as a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“But we have a Republican Party that has done nothing on immigration,” Trump explained.

“That’s not what we stand for.

That’s not who we are.”

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