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How to stop the onslaught of facetune ads

The trend of facetunes has exploded in the last couple of months and is becoming a popular way of monetising news.

With the rise of ad-free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google, news publishers are finding that they are not getting the ad revenue that they need.

But this is nothing new and it can be argued that the demand for news is still there, even after the trend has been put on hold.

As per an article by Business Line, a company based in India, it is now estimated that there are more than 500,000 facetunes being shared every day across social media platforms.

This is a huge amount of content and the demand is there, yet the revenue is not there for the publishers.

As a result, the demand to monetise news has grown exponentially, and this is one of the reasons that news publishers such as The Hindu are looking to curb the growth of the trend.

While facetunes are still being used by a small number of news publishers, many news organisations are now looking to stop this trend by using different methods to monetize content.

In this article, we will take a look at how to prevent the growing trend of adverts from appearing on your news.

How to prevent a new trend of monetisation in news?

News publishers are facing a lot of challenges when it comes to their business.

The growing popularity of social media and online advertising is also affecting news publishers’ profitability, but there are some steps that can help prevent this trend from happening.

Here are some of the best practices that news companies can take to keep their content free and relevant for their readers.

Take action to curb your news’ growth.

A lot of news content has been published by news organisations in the past.

Many of these publications were not even established for a very long time.

But these days, it feels as if every publication is trying to attract readers by offering a premium content.

It is important that publishers keep this in mind and make sure that they have all the right strategies to control their traffic.

If you are a news publisher and you have no idea what your target audience is, it will be difficult to target them and drive traffic to their website.

This leads to a lot more clicks on the website.

When news publishers take action to control traffic and improve their content, their readers will be more likely to continue visiting the website and sharing content with their friends.

This also gives them a bigger audience to reach.

Also, if a publisher can control the number of clicks that their news articles get on their website, it could help them to drive a higher traffic to the site.

If your publisher is making a profit on their articles, this will help them grow their audience and reach their readers more easily.

This will help you to grow your traffic faster.

Take a look into the content that you publish.

If the news organisations that you are following have a specific theme or genre, they can try to get a larger audience by publishing stories in a specific genre.

For instance, if you are interested in India-centric news, then it is worth your while to publish stories about the Indian subcontinent.

As news publishers have a bigger readership, it may help them gain a bigger share of the overall ad-based audience.

This would help them reach more readers by making their content more relevant to the Indian readers.

For an in-depth article on how to curate your news content, read the article published by The Hindu.

The trend can be stopped at the source.

News publishers need to have a strong network to reach their target audience.

In addition to targeting their audience with content that is relevant to their niche, they also need to take steps to get them to share content with the community that they target.

This could be through social media channels, ad networks or in-person advertising.

As an example, a newspaper has developed a website called that features an ad-friendly section for readers to share stories about issues related to the country.

This section is also shared by the other publications that have the same niche and audience.

The online ad platform Admob can also help publishers reach their audience through in-home ads, as well as social media posts and social sharing of news.

These in-house ads can help them generate more leads by helping them reach the people that are reading the news that they publish.

These are just some of those strategies that news organisations can take for their articles.

Make sure that you have a plan to control your traffic and grow your audience.

News organisations can make money from their traffic by promoting their content.

This can be through sponsored content, sponsored posts, free downloads, or advertising.

These content sales can help to keep your content free for your readers.

Make your news free by taking action to curtie traffic.

Many news organisations have started to create subscription services for their content and this has led to an explosion in subscriptions.

With a growing number of subscriptions, it can get harder for news publishers to attract their audience

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