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When you’re sick, your mind gets busy and your mind starts thinking about how to cope

Share it Facebook Twitter Google Plus email Pinterest email Print The news that has been keeping me up at night is that a lot of people have been struggling to cope with their own mental health issues for a long time.

The news is that the world is becoming more and more divided, with people constantly fighting over who gets to live in the country they’ve come to, and it’s getting more and it getting worse.

It’s not that mental health has been neglected by politicians or media.

It has.

But this is happening in a very fast and dramatic way, with a new generation of people increasingly being thrown into isolation and being bullied for their own well-being.

They’re being blamed for their mental health problems, for being on the autism spectrum, and for being at risk of mental illness.

The problem with all of this is that we’re not doing anything about it.

The Government doesn’t do anything about this, and the media isn’t doing anything.

The world is not divided.

It is divided.

And it’s becoming more dangerous.

So, as a society, we have to make sure that the best minds of our generation understand that it’s time to step up and start tackling the problem head on.

We have to get serious about mental health and we have the power to do it.

So why haven’t we?

I think that the answer is simple.

We don’t do enough.

As we’ve seen with mental health, the longer people are in isolation, the more they are going to suffer and the more likely they are to relapse.

And as we know, the mental health system in Australia is broken, with huge gaps in the support network and limited resources.

We’re seeing more and of course more people going to hospital for mental health conditions, and we’re seeing the need for additional support for people who have a severe mental health condition.

But we are doing little to address this.

The government hasn’t done anything about the problems with the system.

We haven’t had the resources to address the gaps.

And we’re doing little for the vulnerable, particularly the vulnerable young people who are being bullied and pushed into the mental healthcare system.

It seems that we are the only developed country in the world to have a mandatory mental health screening process, which includes both the assessment and assessment and treatment.

It doesn’t look like it’s doing much.

We are seeing the numbers of people being screened and treated increase at a rate that’s nearly doubling every year.

This is despite there being no evidence that it helps prevent mental health disorders.

And this is despite a new government announcement to introduce mandatory counselling and medication.

But it’s not the only thing that’s going on.

There are other problems with mental illness and the way we handle it is actually putting people at risk.

I’ve got a story about how I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and I don’t think anyone expected me to die.

I’m a young man in my mid-twenties, with the kind of mental health problem that most people have.

But I was put into a long-term care facility, which meant that I couldn’t go anywhere.

And my condition was terminal.

I was told that the longer I lived in the facility, the greater the chance of me dying.

The reason for this was the fact that I was not getting any help.

My GP didn’t want to do anything, because they thought that it would just make me worse.

The whole facility was full of people who had a terminal mental illness, many of whom were very ill.

And all of the time they were being told to “get the hell out”.

They were told to get the hell off my street.

And they weren’t getting the hell away from me.

And that was because they were mentally ill.

We know that if you’re mentally ill, and you’re getting treated, you’re at increased risk of re-offending.

And the more you’re treated, the higher your risk of committing a crime, the less likely you are to receive treatment.

And in a situation where you’re in a facility with many people who were in that position, you don’t want that to happen.

So I was in the same place that most of the people who got treated did, and in the position that they were, they didn’t get treatment.

They just kept getting treated.

But the way they were treated made it worse for them.

I started thinking about suicide, and then I started to have suicidal thoughts.

I couldn-and it’s still hard for me to understand how I became suicidal-I thought about suicide for a while, and eventually I thought that I’d rather die.

It was the beginning of the end.

It got to the point where I thought I might just kill myself.

And I did.

And then I just went through it again.

I felt hopeless.

And so, at this point, I began to think about suicide again, and

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